Dear members,

Greetings from the CECCA! Issue 14 of the CECCA Newsletter on Maritime Law and Commerce (ISSN 2631-7516) (CNMLC) is released now, we hope you will find it of interests.

Why has the title changed?

To provide with better insights based on our expertise, CECCA has made the decision to create a new series of newsletter focusing on Company and Financial Law, the first issue has been released already (CECCA Newsletter on Company and Financial Law, ISSN 2631-7524). On the other hand, the former ‘CECCA Newsletter’ (ISSN 2631-3405) will continue focusing on Maritime Law and Commerce, therefore, we changed the title into ‘CECCA Newsletter on Maritime Law and Commerce’, and the ISSN UK Center assigned us with the new ISSN (2631-7516). We sincerely ask for all of our members and friends’ continuing supports on our newsletters.

What are in this Issue?

In issue 14 of CNMLC, following articles and news are contained:

1. Special Observer

Long-term Shipping Forecasts: how useful?

By CECCA Senior Consultant, Mr. Richard Scott

2. Chinese Maritime Law

Commentaries on Issues in the Chinese Maritime Law – CECCA Interview: Professor Proshanto K. Mukherjee

3.  Arbitration

Third-Party Funding in Arbitration: Potential Trends and Implications
for China (II)

By Dr. Hui Wang (Part I can be found in Issue 13 of CECCA Newsletter)

4. Academic Frontier

4.1 Blockchain and Smart Contracts in the Shipping Industry: Legal Considerations

By Dr. Dr. Giles J. Xuereb LL.M, Associate of a law firm specialized in shipping law,

Fortior Law S.A. (Geneva) (Institutional member of the CECCA)

4.2 The Past and Future of Utmost Good Faith—-A Brief Introduction to A Comparative Study Between English and Chinese Law

By Dr. Yiqing (Meredith) Yang.

5. News in Brief

5.1. Dry Bulk Market: The Increasing Newbuilding Orders

5.2. The Booming Market of LNG Shipping]

5.3. The Surcharge of Container Shipping Bunker Fuel

5.4. China Publishes Plan for Hainan Free Trade Zone

5.5 A CECCA delegation was invited to attend the Prizing Giving Ceremony 2018 of Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers in London and the 9th International Conference on Maritime Law in Shanghai.

6. Brief Introduction – CECCA’s Senior Consultant

Professor Proshanto K. Mukherjee

We appreciated all CECCA members’ supports and any suggestions, submissions of papers are welcome! (For submission, please send your paper to )

Best wishes,

CECCA Editorial Department

China-Europe Commercial Collaboration Association



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