Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the CISG: A commemorative Volume celebrating 30 years of the Convention of International Sales of Goods

International Trade Law’s success and efficacy depend upon, at the very lowest level,
a contract law that addresses, eloquently enough, the rights and obligations of the
contracting parties. Beyond this simplistic understanding, the efficacy is largely
dependent upon building cross-references between the laws that apply across
territorial limitations, and ensuring that legal systems, diverse that they are, work the cross-referencing, almost seamlessly.

Table of contents:
Revisiting the CISG for reforms
Harmonised Law vs Unification of Private International Law
Article 7 – Interpretation Clause – Could the principle of ‘international
interpretation’ allow for reference outside the CISG, to the Vienna Convention
on the Law of Treaties?
Relational contracts – are they new form of contracting? Making the case for
reading the CISG and the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial
The concept of good faith in the CISG
CISG as the applicable law – The evolving interpretations
CISG and its intersection with consumer law
Intellectual Property Rights and Article 42 of the CISG
International sale contracts and the competition law – does a contract term
invalid under the domestic law for unfair competition practices allow valid
rights for the contracting parties under the CISG?
An economic analysis of the CISG
E-commerce and the CISG
Promoting trade through private law instruments – could the uniform law
under the CISG be an effective alternative to the Preferential Trade
The role of CISG in enhancing transparency / combatting corruption
An evolution of the Advisory Council as a source of law in CISG



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